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About Empire World Reloaded

Welcome back to Empire World!
It's more easy to play and enjoy than the previous version.

Empire World is an online city building and strategy game set in medieval times.

As of now, it may look nothing no more than just a tiny city in several nations, you can transform it into a rich and prosperous empire through your splendid city management skills and strategies!

You don't have to produce all the items you need to distribute to your citizens.
You can always purchase items in the market at economical prices.

Create profit by trading more than 70 different types of goods and merchandise with the players in the same nation.

Build merchant vessels and trade with the players in other nations.

Going to wars is sometimes prerequisite for building a powerful empire. Build strong battleships and blow your enemies out of water! It's always a good idea to strike up an alliance with other cities in your nation.

You can be the true hero of our age.


•Online multi-playing city building & strategy game
•More than 70 different goods and merchandise and real time trading with other players
•Real time trading with other nations via merchant vessels
•Dynamic maritime battles
•Form alliances with other cities
•Communicate with other players around the world
•Adopted push notification system to help the game play
•Complete language support : English, Korean, Chinese (traditional and simplified version), Japanese, German, and Spanish.

Game Play:

-You need an internet connection to play this game.
-You can transfer game data to other devices by copying your game account.
(Not possible to play the game in two different devices simultaneously)

If you have any questions about the game, feel free to contact us at any time:

-In-game Messenger in Empire World
-Email: [email protected]
-Twitter :
-Facebook :

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After the ply I say about it
Shakil Chy
After game change didn't like the update but decided to give another go now I'm hooked love it exellent game
Brian Whittles
I am really enjoying this game. As I don't play games on my phone (my phone is just for that) I don't have any info on it but I like it much much better than Forge of Empires.... at least I don't have to wor...
Nina Green