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About Myanmar Money Reader

Myanmar Money Reader works by using the camera on the back of your phone to recognize Myanmar Kyat bills and the default TTS installed on your phone to read aloud the value of them.
Make sure your phone is in portrait mode and your money is in landscape mode. Show the back of your money to the back camera of your phone.
Distance is important. You should try to find the right distance to hold your phone away from the money. Every phone is a little different.
Try to orient your money in the same direction as your phone. This helps ensure that the camera can see most of the bill.
Beware of counterfeit currency. Myanmar Money Reader is not a counterfeit detector. Be sure to check the weight and feel of the paper before trusting the bill.
Separate your money. If Myanmar Money Reader sees many bills laid on top of each other, it tends to get confused and is less likely to report anything. It is best to remove each bill from the field of view before trying another one.

Khin Maung Htay
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