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About toovoip - no roaming

toovoip is the best app for calls to all land and mobile lines over the internet. Save up to 90% for local and international calls with best voice quality. You only need an internet connection: WiFi, 3G or LTE.

Where can I use toovoip?
It's very simple: everywhere. Abroad and at home.

Advantages of toovoip:
* Call to fixed and mobile lines in over 200 countries worldwide, from 1 Cent/Min.
* The person you call does not need any internet or app to receive calls.
* Contacts from your phone's phone book will be imported.
* Your phone number will be sent with your call.
* Data security - no access from third parties.
* No additional SIM card needed, you can always be reached on your phone number.
* Credit never expires.

Use toovoip while being abroad:
* No roaming costs worldwide.
* Call Family and friends at home spontaneously.
* Call local land line and mobile numbers.
Book a table at a restaurant while on holiday? Book a rental car or hotel room? Call family and friends at home?
Make phone calls abroad with toovoip without any expensive roaming costs.

Use toovoip at home:
* Make local calls, i.e. when you have a bad cell connection.
* Local calls are often cheaper than with your mobile carrier.

No risk - test now with free test credit!

If you have any questions or feedback, contact us via the live chat in the app or write us:

[email protected]

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toovoip is the best app for calls to all land and mobile...

after having problems with connections in Mexico, David as usual sorted things out. Toolani for international calls all the time.
Brano D.
Setting it up was troublesome: it would not accept old password, and not allow setting-up new password. So, I created new password, and it worked. Made my first call today, and it was brillient.
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great service
Charles Puccia