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About Koogeek - Smart Health

Koogeek free app lets you see your weight stats
and progress trends in easy-to-understand charts
and graphs on your personalized
dashboard whenever and wherever.
You can set achievable goals,
monitor your progress, and get yourself motivated.

About Koogeek
Koogeek is committed to make our life become more healthy, comfortable and convenient.
Koogeek creates the "Smart Cloud System”, which includes Smart manager, health monitor, Health data analysis, Social Network sharing, customized service, one-click shopping and so on.

1. Smart manager: User can add or use various Koogeek's smart devices through the Koogeek "Smart Cloud System", such as body fat monitors, smart bracelets, blood pressure monitors, smart sockets, thermostats, etc. Through the system, Smart manager can organize the devices, and make sure they work perfectly.

2. Health Monitor: System can monitor and updates user’s health status by smart devices twenty four 7.

3. Health Data Analysis: System can make a health analysis report based on the user's operation, behaviors and health data. Via the report, the system can provide a lot of advises to improve your health, such as healthy tips, exercise adviser, nutrition fact, diet plan and so on.

4. Social Network Sharing: To keep you connected, the System allows data sharing between users through Social Network. For example, user can share exercise, health information via social media, like WeChat and microblog.

5. Customized Services: Through the health data analysis, the system can provide user the best customized services, like doctors, life assistants, etc., to make life better and less stress.

6. One-click Shopping: Through the system, just simply one click, you can purchase your favorite smart hardware or services.

If you have any question about our product, please send an email to [email protected], and you will generally receive a response same business day.

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Koogeek - Smart Health

Koogeek - Smart Health


Koogeek free app lets you see your weight statsand progress trends in...

Extremely useful and accurate app
Philip Morgan
This is the BEST monitor and the BEST app for blood pressure.
Detroiter Girl
perfect app, only not working on Android 10 please fix this issue thx
eddie Voorbrood
System is great!!
Ken Tummons
one of the best on the market.. it makes tracking of your pressure fun and not stress.. :)
peter schmidt
Fameless GeeForce