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About Email - Mail Mailbox

Email is your email fastest tracking application, the best check mail application.
This application gives you to login for all your other accounts.
The best feature is auto detect server, we will detect server of your all emails

This application allows you to log into various mail accounts, track emails at once and has the ability to manage an unlimited number of messages coming from your friends, suppliers, and customers.

The interface of the application is beautifully designed, corresponding to the Android operating system, IOS of all smartphones, tablets, ...

With the auto-update feature of your best mail server, send the fastest mail notifications to the user, you are experiencing a strong unified account packaged in an intuitive and easy-to-use design.
This is the application provides the fastest mail check service, absolutely free when used.

- Support for accounts: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook mail, Hotmail, Live mail, Yandex mail, iCloud mail, Office 365 mail, AOL, MSN mail, Live, ymail,, GMX,, Hushmail, Zoho,, QIP, Rambler...
- Support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync & EWS) Auto Configuration
- Sync multiple mailboxes from all your providers in a Unified Interface
- Support notification when new email coming
- Material Design & Lollipop
- The fastest email notification on smart mobile devices
- Check mail quickly and accurately
- Customizable email notification sounds
- Alerts and other preferences per each of your accounts.
- Define & Share Groups to quickly send and receive emails
- With automatic switch between day & night modes
- Integrated with any printer supported by Android such as select plugins
- Track your mail in anywhere when connected to the internet
- Make check email convenient and easy
- Customize your swipe menu and email view actions with what matter to you the most
- See if you have a new email in your inbox directly from your home screen
- Daily sync: Customized for offline use
- Sign in to your gmail account and check your email inbox fastest in seconds
- Quickly mark emails to be handled later and set reminders so you do not miss them
- When you have read and finish handling an email, you can just mark it as done to get it out of the way without having to delete it or reach Zero Inbox by using smart filters.
- Easily filter and track emails by unread/starred
- Save time when using email tracking application
- The data in your mail is always encrypted to protect the security and confidentiality of information
- Secure communications and information, use industry-leading protocols to protect and protect your data.
- You can set a lock screen timer to protect your personal email.
- Work offline
- Auto detect server for all emails, not need to configure the server. This application will auto detect and find server to login with every account.

By this e mail application, easiest way to login and protect all your mail: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook mail, Hotmail, Live mail, Yandex mail...

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Email?

Email is a fast tracking application that allows you to log into multiple mail accounts and manage an unlimited number of messages.

Which mail accounts are supported by Email?

Email supports accounts from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook mail, Hotmail, Live mail, Yandex mail, iCloud mail, Office 365 mail, AOL, MSN mail, Live, ymail,, GMX,, Hushmail, Zoho,, QIP, and Rambler.

Can I receive notifications for new emails?

Yes, Email supports notifications when new emails arrive.

Is Email compatible with Android and iOS devices?

Yes, the interface of the Email application is beautifully designed to correspond to the Android and iOS operating systems of smartphones and tablets.

How does Email ensure security and confidentiality of information?

Email encrypts the data in your mail to protect the security and confidentiality of information. It also uses industry-leading protocols to ensure secure communications and information protection.

Can I customize the email notification sounds?

Yes, Email allows you to customize the email notification sounds according to your preference.

Can I track and filter emails easily?

Yes, Email provides features to easily track and filter emails, such as filtering by unread/starred status and customizable swipe menu and email view actions.

Can I access my emails offline?

Yes, Email allows you to work offline and syncs your emails for offline use.

Does Email automatically detect the server for all emails?

Yes, Email automatically detects and finds the server to login with every account, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Is Email a free application?

Yes, Email is absolutely free to use.
تحت الاختبار
Hector Oliveirs
Very responsive Easy to use and well packaged.
So Beit
The steps getting this app intalled and subscribbed is not very lengthy. It's easy and imteresting once using this app.
Bright Baah
Awesome, but synchronized need more work Nice work guys 👍👌
Akanni Adekunle
It works and it has a very nice display
Andy Zhugli
Easy to read and use
Jan B