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About Summary: Rich dad

Have you ever been tired of working?
Would you like to achieve economic freedom someday?

We have the free application that will help you...

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: The summary

With this free app, you'll find the best tips from the famous book to make money and how to make the money work.

If you want to make money being an entrepreneur, if you want to become a true entrepreneur, if you want to leave your current job as an employee and make the money work, do not hesitate. This app will teach you what the people passing the road to success think, and will give you the basics to learn how to invest and make money.

You want to know what the rich teach their childs that the poor and the middle class don't?
Then keep in mind to read all the app. It is the first step towards economic freedom.

The application includes a summary of extracts from the book, to be present at all times, and study every day.


You can see all extracts, with its corresponding title, ordered accordingly. Where you see all financial lessons you have to learn to achieve your financial freedom

Each extract contains its short summary, a brief explanation of why it is important to apply the principle. It is necessary that you study, you learn how to start your way to be an entrepreneur, and later a true entrepreneur.

This functionality is about sharing the extract, whom you feel is necessary, who see that you need in your Facebook wall or wherever you want. Let your friends also benefit from the knowledge that provides the app and they also learn how to make the money work.

In the second section you can manage the appearance of a daily reporting with the heading for the extract. Once you allow notifications, from the day that you enabled, in the next few days you will see a different extract every day. Playing in the notification, you can access the app and view its description. Necessary to remember every day the concepts of financial freedom and educate your mind to the new paradigm.

We included also search functionality, both in the title and abstract description. Thus, if you remember a concept you want to reinforce but do not remember the place or extract number, you can easily find

We also include the state that extracts you have read and what was the last thing you visited. Therefore, if you have not finished reading an extract, you can easily locate it.

Thank you very much for downloading Rich Dad, Poor Dad: The summary.

If you liked the app, it would be very useful that you qualify it with 5 stars, leaving a comment with what more you liked, or what you would like us to improve.
For better communication, you can also send an email with your suggestions, questions or anything you want to [email protected]

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