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About Blackjack Coach

Blackjack Coach trains you in basic Blackjack strategy. By using what you learn here, you will have the highest probability of success in a real casino.


* Basic Blackjack strategy coaching informs the player of the best move when a mistake is made.

* Configurable Strategy Options
- 1, 2, 4+ decks in shoe
- If the dealer hits or stands on soft 17
- If double after split is allowed

* 1, 2, and 4+ deck shoe model mimics the exact way cards are dealt at a real casino.

* Pairs and Soft Hands mode helps the player master the additional complexity of these types of hands.

* Speed round mode helps prepare the beginner for the action of playing at a real casino.

* Simple user interface is easy for the beginner to understand and utilize.

* High resolution graphics and sound make game play more enjoyable.

* Strategy Map shows the player what the correct moves should be.

* Graphical charts show the player's progress over time.

* Card Value mode helps the beginner instantly recognize the value of their hand.

AKA: Blackjack Trainer, Blackjack Tutor, Blackjack Helper, Blackjack Basic Strategy

Worth it
Tim Goetze
Easy to play
Tony sun
Definitely a must have if you want to improve your black jack game. Especially some of the training drills are great
Carlos Williams