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About Pirate Inc - Idle Clicker Tycoon

AHOY, Mateys!
Have you ever wanted to be the pirates of the Caribbean or Billionaire like Jeff, Elon, Bill?
Why not BOTH?
In ‘Get Rich! Pirate’ game, you can be both.

Get Rich! Pirate game is...


There is NO GAME OVER on ‘Get Rich! Pirate’ You just need to relax and chill with your pirates.

All you need to do is just SWIPE the screen when chests are appeared.
* NO WIFI or DATA ? NO Problem! 

You can play Online/Offline whenever, wherever you want.
* Idle Game 

Your pirates will work instead of you , while you are away. But don’t forget to come back!
* Reward Ads Only 

All ads on our games are optional and give you different rewards. There is no forced ads or annoying random pop up ads here.
* Steady Updates , Stay Tuned!

We have plenty of islands to explore and tons of treasures to get you an upgrade but still there will be an updates continuously.
* …& Appreciate your feedback

Are you enjoying ‘Get Rich! Pirate’ game? We’re all ears for our gamers voice. Let us know what you think. If you found a glitch or have a feedback, you can simply CONTACT to us via game option menu.

What are you waiting for? Hop up in our ship and let’s go out for adventure together! Yo-Ho-Ho!

◈ Do you want to be the King of the Pirates? Build up your idle multi-billionaire pirates here!

◈ Arrr..! The brave and powerful Captain will strike, clash, and shoot the chests! You just need to swipe the screen.

◈ Getting tired of swiping the screen? It’s okay, even if you are away, your Pirate crews will earn money instead of you. But don’t forget to come back.

◈ Find your CREW! Each crew members help your adventure with their own skills.
Currently opened crew member: captain, hook, parrot, daby, naomi, strawy fin, z, cook san, hawkeye ray, mechanic garo, bomber boom, uso, big aunt, jack, master jin, ms wendy, dr ads, jackpot , gaston, sharkron

◈ Invest on your weapons and cannons. You will get much more coins by upgrading those.
Currently opened upgrades: endless practice, money exchange, tiny package, rapid attack, rapid fire, special treasure, treasure research, crucial attack, crucial strike, coin package, gem package, enhanced adventure, huge weapon, huge scar, weather control, massive processing, huge loot, drug awakening, lucky guy, gem collection, pirate master

◈ Explore new island to earn more coins! - We have plenty of islands to have new adventure and will be updated continuously
Currently opened Islands: starter land, tri forest, skull land, waste land, snowy land, dark forest, oriental, amazon, paradise, volcano

◈ Too difficult to break Chests? just REBOOT your journey! You will get PIRACY POINTS that makes you much stronger.

◈ What’s the Pirates Goals? To find treasures! You can get more than 100 + TREASURES by using PIRACY POINTS! Precious treasures make you stronger!
Currently opened treasures: golden hook, diamond coin, legendary goblet, emerald bracelet, wealthy crown, ring of power, phoenix sword, diamond earrings, mjollnir, unlimited coupon, golden egg, legendary staff, ancient relics, invisibility cloak, ancient locket, golden telescope, insoluble snowflake, legendary compass, golden clover, golden monkey statue

◈ While you are fighting, your ship will help you by sending GEM & COIN Packages. Don’t forget to multiply your package (by watching short reward ads)

◈ Recommend you to keep GEM packages just in case! For sure, GEM are very useful in everywhere.

◈ Stress-Free game - Do not get stressed when you play this game! There is NO GAME OVER here. This will be the best idle game to play when you want to relax and pass the time.

◈ Play online or offline - NO WiFi or mobile data connection is required. Play anytime you want. You’re the boss.

There will be fun events and free giveaways on our SNS.(Coming soon) Stay tuned.

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