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About tiled | Portfolio Performance

Tile your portfolio to check your assets' performance at a glance!

tiled visualizes the daily, weekly, monthly, or year-to-date performance of all your stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies to get an immediate feel for how your portfolio is performing.

What makes tiled so awesome?
* performance of each asset in real-time on a daily, weekly, monthly, or year-to-date base
* privacy first: your data is stored solely on your device for maximum data protection
* no need to scroll, as all your assets always will fit your screen
* sync your portfolio across multiple devices (account needed; European servers)
* no distorted perception of your portfolio, as each of your assets will be visualized with regard to its share in your portfolio – the bigger your position, the bigger its tile
* very easy to add your assets, as you simply have to enter the number of shares you own
* over 25 000 stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies

tiled is the perfect app to check your portfolio during your coffee break, between meetings or on the go. You'll be able get a good feeling of the performance within just a few seconds. No need spend more time everyday on complex and cluttered portfolio apps.

Disclaimer: tiled is only meant to provide a good and reliable yet quick feeling about your portfolio's daily, weekly, monthly or YTD performance. If you are interested in more sophisticated information, statistics and reports, this app surely is the wrong software for that. tiled rather has to be seen a complement to such sophisticated portfolio management apps; as cherry on top :-)


Please note that this app is still in its early phase, with plenty of more to come. So this is a big chance for you to shape the future of tiled by giving feedback directly within the app or via mail, make feature requests or just have a little chat about the app or assets in general.

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