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About Dadish 3

When his kids board a bus for a suspicious field trip, Dadish sets off to find them before they're turned into radish soup! Along the way he'll splash through a sewer, get lost in the desert, ride a dolphin, and reluctantly reunite with his estranged spouse. Help Dadish rescue his children once more, in his most fun and challenging adventure yet.

• Dadish’s most action-packed adventure yet!
• A retro platformer from the creator of Super Fowlst and Dadish
• 50 very good levels
• A whole bunch of baby radishes (and a couple of possums) to find
• Get a piggy back ride from your ex-wife, who is a tomato
• Murderous ice creams, cupcake snakes, bread that's in a bad mood, and more junk food themed foes
• Five stupid bosses
• Befriend and ride a dolphin
• The harsh realities of parenthood
• A cool soundtrack
• Dialog that is kind of funny
• Collectable stars
• Unlockable secrets
• Never give up

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Dadish 3?

Dadish 3 is Dadish's most action-packed adventure yet, where he sets off to find his kids before they're turned into radish soup.

Who created Dadish 3?

Dadish 3 was created by the same creator of Super Fowlst and Dadish.

How many levels does Dadish 3 have?

Dadish 3 features 50 very good levels.

What can you find in Dadish 3?

In Dadish 3, you can find a whole bunch of baby radishes, a couple of possums, murderous ice creams, cupcake snakes, bread that's in a bad mood, and more junk food themed foes.

How many bosses are there in Dadish 3?

Dadish 3 has five stupid bosses.

Can you ride a dolphin in Dadish 3?

Yes, you can befriend and ride a dolphin in Dadish 3.

What is the theme of Dadish 3?

Dadish 3 explores the harsh realities of parenthood, while also offering a cool soundtrack and dialog that is kind of funny.

Are there any collectibles in Dadish 3?

Yes, Dadish 3 features collectable stars and unlockable secrets.

What is the motto of Dadish 3?

"Never give up" is the motto of Dadish 3.
Wow 🤩
Rehan Sharma
Lets go! Thankyou Thomas K Young. Thanks a lot.
Mshaheb Shahabuddin
really nice game, best! 1-2-3 part 👍🏻
Paul K
Best game ever
Henry Knowles
it's cool challenging and fun
Jamir Ruth
I've loved the other 2 dadish games, and I love this one too!
Giovanni Regina