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About Crystal Ball Fortune Teller

For centuries people use crystal ball fortune telling along with tarot cards, cezve, horoscopes, palm readings, 🥠 etc. to reveal future and get answers on their questions.

Today crystal ball divination is available on your phone!
In this application Crystal Ball Fortune Teller shows everything you wanted to know about love, work, health, money etc.

The way it works is simple: just put the coin and get your prediction! It only takes a moment for Clairvoyance Crystal Ball to tell you what future hides.


- Crystal Ball Fortune Teller app is free
- You can get predictions every day!
- Clairvoyance Crystal Ball App available offline

Nice fortune teller, but I think developers may create a better crystal ball animation. It's shine so bright. But in general everything is good. Thank you for every day's prediction 🔮
Vash Kdmarket131
Nice fortune teller and animation of crystal ball.... Although I don't believe in it still enjoyed a lot..
Yashika Paul
Super accurate fortune teller app! i check crystal ball predictions every day
Sara Richardson