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About Flaming Durtles

Flaming Durtles is a client app for the WaniKani kanji learning service created by Tofugu. Are you using WaniKani to learn Kanji? Then you can use this app to do your lessons and reviews.

Note: requires an active WaniKani account!

This is an independently developed app that is not supported or endorsed by Tofugu.

Support thread on the forums:

Open source software:

Amazing app. Thanks for making this 😊
Tyler Solo
Super clean, has basically all of the features used in lessons/reviews, I've never had any bugs. I love that there's a manual sync button so I don't have to sit there refreshing if I'm nervous it's missed so...
Kate Spitzer
Let's you study offline! But please add a correction button in case an answer gets typed too quickly and I fat finger the wrong key. Only stupid people would abuse this.
Lee Pat