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About Coordinate Converter Plus

Coordinate Converter Plus is a coordinate converter for Android devices. It converts coordinates between the following formats:
1 Latitude / Longitude:
- Decimal degrees (DD.ddd)
- Degrees decimal minutes (DD.mmm)
- Degrees Minutes Seconds (DD MM SS)
2 UTM (WGS84 and Arc1950)

-Coordinate conversion is performed from any one of the formats to the other.
-Coordinates can also be acquired from the device's GPS and converted to DDMMSS, DD.mmm, MGRS and UTM simultaneously and displayed on Google Maps.
- Copy and paste coordinates
- Share converted coordinates in any format or all formats via email, sms and other apps
- Display converted coordinates on Google Maps
- Display your GPS location on google maps
- Geoid altitude correction using the EGM96 model
- Elevation presented in meter or feet
- Coordinate conversion and presentation if different formats as you view your location on Map
- Save location
- Calculate distance and bearing

Possible uses:
- Mapping
- Geo-caching
- Hiking
- Camping
- Navigation

Latest updates [beta]

For ARC-1950 UTM (Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia, Zimbabwe) conversion try

thnks more well done!
negeso fanta
Love this app!!! Use it all the time for work because someone decided we needed to use Degrees Decimal Degrees (DDD) coordinates and the Garmin in the helicopter will only accept Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS...
Michael Allen
Excellent! This app is exactly what I was looking for. Easy to use, very reliable. A little suggestion: When the convert button is hit the keyboard should close. This would make the data hidden under the key...
Hex Byte