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About Worldwide News Live Tv 24/7

World wide news app brings you all countries’ live news channels to your mobile free of cost.
. This App provides you a platform where you can watch the news channels all over the world in one place. World News Live 24/7 App is a very light application to show you international and domestic news channels so you can keep yourself updated on what is happening in the world.
Live News Channels:
ARY Live News, Express Live News, GNN Live News,24 News HD, HUM Live News, BOL Live News, DIN Live News, News One Live, AAJ Live News, DAWN Live News, ROYAL Live News,
Abbtakk News Live News, City 42 Live News, NEO Live News, Euronews, Indus Live News, City 41 Live News,Roze Live News, Rohi Live News, PUBLIC Live News, Star Asia Live News.
Ntv Live News
India Tv Live News, TV9 Telugu Live News, ABP Live News, Twenty Four(24) Live News Malayalam.
United States:
TRT World Live News
Aljazeera News Qatar Live News, Aljazeera Arabic Live News, Mega Noticias chile Live News, Cnn Turkey Live News, CNA Live News, Rtve Live News.
Dear app users and Google Team, Our App provides news channels in an organized and user-friendly form in one place as it comes from the source. We are not the creator of the content that shows in the app. We have no copyright over the content or logo of news channels.
For any bugs, copyright issues and for and remove any news channel kindly email us at [email protected]

This is an amazing and so informative ap
bia bia
It's a wonderful app. Really appreciate
Zeeshan Ghalib
perfect app 😍😍. all channels in one app . same like as I want . love this app😍
ahmad hussain