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About judo technique

Judo slamming techniques (nage waza) can be divided into standing techniques (tachi waza) and flopping techniques (sutemi waza). The standing technique is divided into hand techniques (te waza), groin techniques (koshi waza), and foot techniques (ashi waza). The technique of flopping is further divided into techniques of flopping backwards (ma sutemi waza) and techniques of flopping to the side (yoko sutemi waza)

The judo locking technique (katame waza) can be divided into restraining techniques (osae waza or osaekomi waza), staple techniques (shime waza), and connection techniques (kansetsu waza)

Attack techniques (atemi waza) with kicks or punches even with a knife or sword weapon are sometimes used for training for high-level judoka, even though in official matches it is prohibited (as well as during free practice (randori).

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