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About DriveTEGO

Tego is a Rideshare service company with a difference. Currently available in Texas with expansion to other states in view. Tego provides its Partners with a unique opportunity to earn extra and passive income in their spare time. With Tego, you are your boss. You drive when you like and set your own time. 

Our enviable partners earn passive and extra income to offset car ownership costs and take care of depreciation. It does not matter whether you are new to the rideshare industry; Tego is a perfect match for you as you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Tego is with you every step of the way. 

Tego Driver’s App is free to download, sign up, as easy as ABC, and there are no monthly fees. With our commercial Insurance, our partners are fully covered on every trip and can proudly drive with peace of mind. That means our commercial Insurance offers complete protection to our partners and their riders while on the go. 

Download Tego Driver’s App to sign up and become one of our highly priced Partners and hit the road whenever you choose. 

Since Tego takes care of everything else, your primary concern is to get Tego Riders to their destinations safely and promptly. 

Please use the App to sign up and register your car by following a few simple steps. Our friendly team will be glad to review your information, answer your questions and give you the green light to hit the road. 

Our Platform allows you to keep track of your earnings.

Join the Goldrush today by becoming one of our desirable Tego family members, and you will be glad you did!

With Tego, you can earn money driving with us. You can sign-up to go at or download the Diver’s App at Google Play Store or Apple Store.