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About – Education is the leading App for 3D design on mobile devices and tablets.
This special edition is now available for schools!

It contains all PRO features of and is a safe environment for students to learn (COPPA and GDPR compliant).

Build, share and 3D print your designs.

CAD tools have a high learning curve, that make them inaccessible to students, so we decided to make a modeling tool, that is simple to use. uses basic shapes (cube, sphere, cylinder, cone etc.) to create any 3D models. From the simplest design to the most complex objects – you can build anything by simply moving, rotating and scaling primitive objects.

Getting started:
Add some basic shapes to the stage, for example a cube and a cone.
Tap on shapes to make them active/inactive.
Select a proper tool for what you want to achieve: Move, Rotate, Scale.
Use the arrows around the shape to manipulate the object in the desired direction.

- Rotate the camera by dragging your finger around the stage.
- Zoom and Pan the camera by pinching/dragging with "two" fingers.

Build something fun, here are a few ideas:
- Plane
- Car
- Fort
- Snowman
- Cartoon characters
- Coffee cup

Here are some examples of how people use our application for:
- Virtual Reality (VR) content
- 3D printing
- Home design
- Building toys
- Logos
- Models for games
- Prototypes
- Education
- Sketch
- Stop motion animation
- Cartoon characters

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

You can export models to various different formats to use in:
Other 3D modelling software (Blender, 3ds Max)
Game engines (Unity, Unreal Engine)
Modding (Minecraft, Tiber, Roblox)