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About FitHer: Workout for women

The 30-day program designed by top coaches is scientifically proven to help you lose weight faster. Your training program is designed to make you sweat in 20 minutes or less. Stick with the program, and you will see remarkable results. The app generates a personalized workout plan based on your goals, level and physical condition in order to achieve great results.


- Personalized workout plan: see the body of your dreams in just 30 days

- Detailed video guidance

- Workout plans designed by professional coaches

- Scientifically proven results for maximum weight loss

- Track your body weight and transformation after each workout

- Meal Plans including (keto, vegetarian and gluten free) and Water Tracker


- Beginner (You are just starting)

- Medium (You can roughly do 1-2 workouts/week)

- Active (You can do 3-6 workouts/week)


- Full body (This 4-week plan is designed to blast fat, boost metabolism, and build muscle)

- Hot Legs (A simple workout that helps slim and tone your legs)

- Arms $ Breasts (The best workout plan to tone arms and lift breast)

- Sexy Butt (This 4-week workout challenge transforms your rear from every angle)

- Flat Stomach (Easy Workout to lose belly fat in just 30 days)

- 7 Minute Workout (Scientifically proven to keep you fit with 7 minutes of workout a day)

- Hiit Workout (High intensity workout plan that will make you sweat)


Premium service gives access to advanced features of the app. Non-subscribed users will only be able to complete day 1 of the training programs. You may need to subscribe to our premium service if you wish to continue your workouts.

• The app contains following subscription:

- Weekly access (USD $4.99) ), with a 7 days free trial

Privacy Policy:

Terms of use:

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love it ...really keeps me on track.
Slay Beauty
good job
BellaRose Jaddoo
Muraad Abraahim
im always looking for the best app that best fits me.. i love the workouts on this app..sometimes twenty minutes is all i have and its just enough when i dont have time to work out for an hour.. but at the s...
Jennifer Salinas
loving it
Lorraine Cork
I am still on the a week's trial and the app has been really good so far
Caroline Muwonge.Namazzi