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About Tarot Daily Cards - TarotMe

The TarotMe app allows you to receive 4 daily tarot cards online for free every day. Find out what the future holds in terms of wayward love, money, work issues and, most important of all, happiness.

The Marseille tarot card deck consists of 78 arcana: the major and minor arcana. In TarotMe you will get 4 very specific cards every day.

TarotMe features
★ Tarot cannot change future events, but it can anticipate them. Discover 4 cards online daily for free. Get extra cards every day by watching video ads.
★ Do you have doubts about love? You don't know what can happen at work? Is it possible that you are worried about something related to money? Happiness is not the goal, it is the way.
★ Fast, simple app (only 4 cards) and 100% secure.
★ 100% free app, created with love. The future may be bright with your card of the day.

Please count to 10 before giving us a negative rating. The TarotMe team works very hard to make this the best online daily tarot app on the Google Play Store.

TarotMe and your daily Tarot cards is the best way to start your day! Download for free and anticipate your future.

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Easy to use and fun, worth it!
Beryl Brodnex
Good daily tarot app soooo accurate. thankss
Jason Knight
Hoping my childhood sweet heart comes back for me
Desiree Ruffolo
It said that I would find a new job and yesterday I received a call about a new position.
Ashly Garza
God bless you. I read all your cards every day. It is really helpful, I feel I do a best professional job since I am using this app. Don't miss time with others, download it and be happy! Thanks
Kyle Wagner
I really liked what I read about love.
Theodore Wagner