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About Tarot Cards Reading and Numerology App -Tarot Life

Tarot Life app provides Tarot card readings by Tarot experts. Get free Tarot insights on love, finance, career & much more by choosing one or more Tarot cards. Guidance by way of Tarot Reading, Astrology and Numerology is now at your fingertips.


●Free Tarot Card Readings on love, career & money with 3-Card Tarot Reading & Tarot spreads.
●Get the benefits of Tarot, Numerology & Astrology at one place.


●Free Love Tarot Readings - Get Tarot card reading free on love with 3-Card Tarot reading & 6-Card True Love Spread.

●Free Career Tarot Readings - Get career Tarot reading free with 3-Tarot cards & 7-Card Career Path Spread.

●Free Finance Tarot Readings - Get Tarot advice free on finance with 3-Card Tarot Reading and 5-Card Success Spread.

●Free Daily Tarot Reading - Get daily tarot insights by way of free Daily Tarot Card Reading and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

●Yes or No Tarot - In a state of confusion, get simple answers in a yes or no with free Yes-No Tarot.

●Birth Tarot - Know your Birth Tarot Cards free and find which Tarot Cards empower you according to your Birth date.

●Free Card of the Day - It provides you the Universe’s message about what the day brings for you in terms of love, career and money.

●What I Think-Feel-Do Spread - A free 3-Card tarot spread that enables you to gain more clarity on what you think, what exactly you feel and what you really do.

●Situation-Action-Outcome Spread - Know what the present situation holds for you, the actions you are required to take and the possible outcome with this free 3-card tarot spread.

●You-Your Potential-Your Path Spread - Unravel the hidden aspects of your personality, your true potential and your path of life with free this 3-card spread.

●Ask A Question - Ask your concern with our tarot experts and get answers.(paid feature)

●Success 2020
-Get guidance on how to successfully follow and complete your 2020 Resolution, with “NumeroTarot Guide”. (paid feature)
-You may set your Free Resolution 2020, guided by Tarot.

●Birthday Spread - Know the lessons you learnt in the past year, your strengths, your goals, upcoming challenges and what the coming year will teach you with the 5-card reading for your Birthday. (paid feature)

●Numerology - Get your free numerology reading & know your life path, destiny, maturity & personality numbers with numerology calculator.

●Astrology - Get your Birth Chart Report, Timeline Report and Love Compatibility Report based on your Birth details. These astrology reports will take you a step closer to your future. (paid feature)

●Tarot Card Meanings - Know the tarot card meaning of all 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana Tarot Cards. Find out about their symbols, meanings, and love meanings in this section.

●Spin to Win - Spin the wheel once in a day and get a chance to win an exciting offer daily.
We provide an option to subscribe to our Ad-free version. Upgrade your experience now! (paid feature)

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