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About Aircraft Nerds

It’s finally here! The all-new Aircraft Nerds app now allows you to access your favorite aviation site directly from your home screen. This is for all you aviation enthusiasts out there who have been a part of our growing community! We're very excited to share with you our latest venture. The handy new Aircraft Nerds app brings to you a lot more than just our timely, instructional articles.

The Aircraft Nerds app is a one-stop shop for all your aviation queries. The maiden version of this includes content under the following :

-Aviation Videos
-Aviation Facts
-Aviation Video Gallery
-Aviation Career Paths
-Aircraft Nerds Forum

We know that not all people have the luxury of time to read through our entire article, so we've included a short and informative write up for each article in the app.

The video gallery will feature interesting and informative videos about all things aviation. Stay tuned!

Career options in the field of aviation outnumber the hands it would ideally take to power an Antonov manually. We will help narrow down the options for you by bringing them under one roof. The data will be consistently updated to keep users in the know.

The all-new Aircraft Nerds Forum lets you interact with a community of ardent aircraft nerds by enabling you to post questions and pursue productive discussions. There will also be a column dedicated to lecture notes and mock question papers for the sake of students here in our community.

The app also lets you share all your favorite articles with ease on the social media of your choice! So what are you waiting for? Download it right now and Give Wings to Your Curious Mind!

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A Google user
i interned here and wrote articles but today I see they removed names from all the articles which is a bad thing to do, people who wrote it deserve credit
Nakul K Mohan
Can you please add the some avionics system in this apps It's really useful app Good job
Aman Sharma
Very good information
dhanun jaya
It does help in making complex concepts of aviation easy and simple to understand! Aviation enthusiasts, go for it!
Rajvi Patel
The fb page is interesting I hope we can also get some small clips of engine operations, aerodynamics, flight mechanics and also some mathematical equations..