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About Frensh articles Le/La

Definite article are tiny words used to introduce nouns. They’re generally considered adjectives, and as such they match in gender and number the noun they qualify.

Here is a Game to know the Frensh articles Le/La and will help you in french language learning
The application definite article is based on the game True or False. You must answer with true or false on the issue. questions are constantly updated in order to increase the challenge. Take the challenge and Enjoy
frensh articles application.

The app help whose want to learn the frensh language. the most challenge is to know which article goes with this frensh word. So frensh articles app helps you to practice and exercice your articles and make a progress in the french language learning. As wir say usually "Repetition is the mother of skills".
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The app Frensh articles Le/La works even offline so don't forget to evaluate our app definite article and give as stars to help as improve the application. Enjoy french language learning