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About Takashimaya VN

About this Mobile app:
- This app will provide customers with improved value by registration with the Takashimaya Membership Bonus Point Gift Card Program.

1. Register to become a Takashimaya Member
• Become a member of Takashimaya by registering online via the mobile application.
• If a customer is already an existing member of Takashimaya, such customer may synchronize his or her profile with the mobile application.

2. Earn bonus points
• While a Takashimaya member is shopping at Takashimaya, he or she will be able to accumulate bonus points without carrying a Takashimaya Cash Smart Card or the Saigon Centre - Takashimaya – Vietcombank Co-Branded Card.

3. Check point history
• Members can check their accumulated Bonus Points as well as shopping history via the mobile application.

4. E-vouchers
• E-vouchers are easy to use and manage via the mobile application. The value of the e-voucher is equivalent to the value of the paper voucher.

5. Keep track of promotions and events at Takashimaya
• Members can receive detailed information on promotions and events more quickly and easily than ever before.

6. Enjoy Member Days (held twice per year)
• Members of Takashimaya may exclusively enjoy an additional 10% discount twice per year as well as promotions and events.

7. Additional benefits of mobile application members
• Once a customer registers with the mobile app, he or she will become a member of Takashimaya and can accumulate Bonus Points through the app for the payments in cash or with the Rose Gift Card, Bonus Point Gift Card, and the Saigon Centre - Takashimaya – Vietcombank Co-Branded Card.

* This application can be used for devices running by Android and IOS software

Good app
Nguyen Quang Hung
very good
Tú Lê
app giao diện đẹp
Phạm Giang
good app
GoGo Music
App nhanh, giao diện dễ dùng
Lê Minh
perfect app
Pham Manh Hung