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About TEFpad LE for Android

TEFpad is a tablature editor designed for Android tablets and phones that implements most features available in the TablEdit desktop program.

Just like TEFview for Android, our free file viewer, TEFpad opens, displays, prints and plays all TablEdit files (.tef format). It imports as well many types of music files (ASCII tablatures, ABC files, MusicXML, MIDI, Guitar Pro, TabRite, PowerTab...).

In addition, TEFpad lets you create new arrangements from scratch.

The files you have created on your device with TEFpad can be edited and saved without any limitation.

You can edit files not created with TEFpad or imported into TEFpad, but only the first 16 measures can be saved. Likewise the app does not allow copying the contents of one of these files into another .tef file. To
get rid of these limitations, you can upgrade to TEFpad Pro (available as an In-App purchase - select "Purchase TEFpad Pro" from the menu).

The .tef files saved with TEFpad can be opened and modified in the TablEdit desktop program that offers advanced capabilities not completely available in TEFpad.

Download the step by step How-To FAQ:

For more information or to download a demo of TablEdit, go to the TablEdit web site:


- Open/Import TablEdit, ASCII, ABC, MIDI, Music XML, PowerTab, TABrite and GuitarPro files
- Display tablature and/or standard notation
- English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Chinese and Italian language support
- Embedded Help (tap the info button in the top-right corner of the screen)
- File manager
- Email files as attachment
- PDF export. The PDF can be emailed or opened in a third party app
- MIDI Playback with full real time control (speed, pitch, volume and MIDI instrument)
- Metronome and count down settings
- Customize background and foreground color for screen
- Export playback as a MIDI file
- ABC file export
- Time and Key signature setup along with a transpose feature
- Measures management (Add/Delete/Copy/Move)
- Instrument setup (String number, Tuning, Capo, Clef...)
- Quantize notes (after a MIDI import)
- Enter notes and rests in the tablature or standard notation
- Edit notes (duration, velocity, special effect, staccato...)
- Create chord diagrams
- Insert text, tempo changes, pick strokes and fingerings
- Reading guides (repeats and endings)
- Support for Page turning
- Print options dialog
- Pick-up measure
- Grace note management

Works for me
Jim Gustason
Unbelievable - just so good
Robert Whitehouse
Great app for learning music. Heaps of good tunes available. Play through, play along all good.
Chris Blood