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About AI Match Analyser: Free Estimates & Tips

Welcome to the Syndicate, a sports betting tips community initiated and supported by Tipstero INC!! The Syndicate is designed to evolve and to become a bigger, stronger and better sports community.
With all the good tipsters, IT specialists, artificial intelligence passionnates, designers and communication experts who work under the Syndicate brand, we are convinced that we will offer high quality apps.

Our passionate team of football experts likes to think outside the box. We took our imagination to the next level and created Tipstero Analyser with Artificial Intelligence, a new algorithm based on artificial intelligence designed to analyze all the matches smarter and faster. Based on our past experience we integrated some basic criteria into the new algorithm and the results are amazing, just try it and you'll see.

We used all our resources to find a prediction algorithm based on artificial intelligence and we succeeded. We integrated basic criteria and the computer analyzer can predict and estimate the most likely outcomes for the top markets 1x2, double chance, over / under, BTTS / GG. The algorithm calculates all the probabilities and offers the winning percentages based on past statistic data, team form, head to head results, goals scored, goals conceded, odds fluctuation, team profile (attacking or defending), past playing formulas. Although the algorithm has been tested and proved to be a viable long term option if used wisely, you must consider that it can only estimate the percentages for the most likely outcome based on statistic data... the algorithm doesn't have access to all available data like injured players, weather conditions, team motivation or individual player motivation. In conclusion, our artificial intelligence analyzer can help you spear a lot of time by posting the most likely outcomes for all markets, just pass the info you get through your personal filter to get the best of it.


• Estimates and predictions 3 days in advance - accurate daily football betting tips for each match generated with our artificial intelligence algorithm

• History - past 3 days available (all betting tips included)

• Prediction Types - 1x2, Double Chance, Over / Under, BTTS / GG

• Dictionary (betting tips) - all betting tips explained in detail

• Professional design - friendly and easy to use

• Push Notification - with on / off option

• Customized match hours - according to your phone's time zone


• Win Rate Percentage - a trust indicator used to rank the predictions according to the trust level assigned by the AI Algorithm

• Full Customization - you can add favorite leagues, expand and collapse leagues visibility and to use the filters to sort matches by leagues or by start hour

• Auto Bet (Ticket Generator) - The ultimate auto ticket creator that allows you to generate virtual bets with a high probability. Fully customizable, all the selections will take into consideration your defined criteria like date, leagues prediction type, odds interval, number of matches

• Extra Match Details - Click on a certain match to get extra details like Standings, Team Form, H2H, Odds for all Markets, Post Match Statistics and more

Terms and Conditions:

This application is only an informative tool and must be used just for fun. This is not a betting application, it is not related to betting or gambling and we do not encourage betting and gambling in any way.
Everyone who installs / uses the app is 100% responsible for his actions and for obeying the applicable laws in his country. Act responsibly!
18+ Only. Not designed for children.

What a great and interested analysis, it really help and useful.
Jessica Thomas
So amazing App, am greatful the information about the betting tips app came across me. No more lose ticket
Kornelia Judy
Best football Prediction app.
david idowu