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About Kirtanamrut

This Kirtanamrut contains more than15000 kirtans of Swaminarayan Sampraday. it is categorized in different ways. You can short out it by writer, prabhatiya, ekadashi, updesh, murtipad, virahpada etc. Total kirtan of Swaminarayan Sampraday is included in this app. You can search kirtan by text not only from title but from full(whole) kirtan also. You can hear audio with internet connection. You can create play list for selected Kirtans. You must watch help video to enjoy full facility of this app.

Prayag Patel
બહું સરસ app છે. બધા જ કીર્તન મળી જાઈ છે ખુબ જ ઉપયોગી છે. 20 થી 25 કીર્તનથી વધારે Save કરવાં હોય તો નથી થતા.
Namrata Patel
Very thoughtful