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About Vice Vegas City Crime 3D

Start your adventure in the open world of the mafia city!

You ended up in Vegas. You have to explore a big city. Discover new locations, secret bases, racing tracks! Try yourself as a driver, racer or mafia. Become a real gangster or a law-abiding citizen - you choose.

Control a third-person character. Choose any car on the road and rush to meet adventures!
Simple driving and a free world will give you exciting hours of play! Many cars - from slow pickups to high-speed supercars. Find secret cars in parking lots and develop maximum speed!

Collect coins and weapons to protect yourself from gangs. Weapons are spread all over the city. Upgrade you driving skills.

The game has a store where several items will be available to you. You can buy coins, new cars, as well as ammunition and health!

To save, use the icons of floppy disks. This will be your save point. Find them in the city!

You are waiting for an exciting action, race and police chase in Vegas!

Love it hope it is what I think it isπŸ™„πŸ˜
Evelene Hayes
Md Jasimnolike