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About Bug Smashing toddler games for 1 2 3 4 5 year olds

● Entertain babies and kids for hours !
● Amuse your kids ages 0-10 with vibrant graphics.
● Funny games – never, ever any GAME OVER
● 5 game modes for babies, toddlers, and older kids!
● Your kids will love our catchy sound.
● Gameplay suitable for any skill-level!
● Compatible with Android phones and tablets.


Introducing a smashing game to add to your clicker games and tap games addiction. SMASH GAMES is one of the most entertaining free baby games, free toddler games and free games kids in one single app! Our smash ‘em app offers bugged out fun games for toddlers and kids of all ages. Because we love games, you can play our baby and toddler games for free!


- Games for 1 year olds: Help your littles gain confidence in fine and gross motor skills. We recommend “baby mode” for this age group!
- Games for 2 year olds: You’ll be amazed how long your 2-year old can sit when he’s squashing bugs! We recommend “baby mode” for this age group!
- Games for 3 year olds: This age group loves to practice fine motor skills and learn colors as they squish and squash colorful bugs. We recommend “baby mode” for this age group!
- Games for 4 year olds: Our free games for 4 year olds keep busy kiddos occupied and amused.
- Games for 5 year olds: Your older kids will have fun for hours squishing bugs, you’ll be amazed how many bugs they squash! Best of all, no clean-up for parents! We recommend “classic mode” for this age group!


• What do babies like? Bugs. What do babies like more than bugs? Bugs they can squish! It’s tough finding baby games for one year olds, however our 1 year old games included in this compilation are designed to help those tiny fingers gain confidence developing their gross and fine motor skills. We recommend our game “baby mode” for this age group, of course it’s included in this tapping games compilation, FOR FREE!
• Toddler games for 2 year olds: 2 year old games for toddlers can be difficult to find. This age group loves clicking games, and you’ve got the best right here. All of the game modes in this tap app are free kids games. We offer 5 game modes, each designed specifically for various age groups, 0-10. Your tiny tot will love our baby games for 2 years!
• Toddler games for 3 year olds: kids aged 3-5 will adore our ant smasher game. We offer so many colorful bugs, this is sure to be one of the most exciting games for kids you’ve ever seen!
• Toddler games for 4 year olds: There are so many 4 year old games that it can be difficult to find the right one before your 4-year old rolls their eyes with boredom. Check out this fabulous tap game to keep your youngster amused and laughing.
• Games for 5 year olds: 5 year old free games are rarely this laugh-out-loud. Help your kids gain the skills they need for kindergarten and beyond with this thrilling bug and ant smasher tap game!

GAME SET-UP: Set-up is a cinch. First off, choose from 5 game modes – each designed specifically for your age group, you’re sure to find one that is the most suitable games for children. Our child games offer a variety of funny bugs you can squish, squash, and flick. It’s one of the most addictive tap games out there!

GAMEPLAY: Our games for babys, games for toddlers, and kids games are designed for the age. You can speed up the level of play with “time mode” for more advanced bug squashers.

Games for babies through 10-year-olds are sure to supply your children with hours of entertainment. For a real laugh, switch to “funny mode” to see all the hilarious bugs we’ve set loose. Best of all, our tap game is endless. No more disappointed children with a “game over” – no way, not us!

BUGGY TIP: Smash all the bugs EXCEPT the black bugs. Those are lethal. However, if you see a juicy red bug, better squash it! That’s the best bug out there.

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Wonderful game for my granddaughter and I to play. Teaches hand/eye coordination and colors. She loves it!
Linda Kantor
Fun game for my kid 😁
Fish Stick
My Grandson is two and he enjoys playing with Bug Smashing toddler app to everyone with small toddlers and you will enjoy it with them as well, I know I do😁👌
Lucinda Ingram