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About Sura - Liquor, Alcoholic Beverages and Cocktails

Sura is the number one mobile platform about liquor and other alcoholic beverages in Sri Lanka. As an Asian country we are proud to introduce Sura with many interesting features to its users. We believe that people should drink responsibly. So Sura comes with a ‘Body Alcohol Content Meter’ which helps its users to prevent from harmful incidents. The BAC meter shows the current Body Alcohol Content level of the user and the time that needs to recover the body after having drinks. Using Sura, users can find many more things about liquor and alcoholic beverages.

In Sri Lankan context, this app provides one platform for users where they can get knowledge about liquor types like Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Wine, Whisky, Brandy and Beer. It has a collection of cocktail recipes that anyone can try at home as well. Users can find the current market price of any kind of local and foreign alcoholic beverages through the app.
The most interesting feature in Sura is that, it sends you notifications when it’s a good day to have a drink. This is sent to users based on many factors like weather, holidays etc. Users can invite their friends through the app and can connect with Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger to share fun memes with each other. App comes with two languages which are Sinhala and English. The default language will be Sinhala but if needed users can change it to English from settings.


By developing Sura, we are not encouraging people to Drink. We believe people should drink responsibly. Our vision is to provide one platform for Sri Lankan liquor and beverage users where they can find interesting features while using the app.

#Key Features:

· Updated market prices of liquor and other alcoholic beverages.

· BAC meter which measures current ‘Body Alcohol Content’ and notify the time that needs to recover the body from last drink.

· Automatic notifications prior on the best days to have a drink.

· Details about various liquor types in the world.

· Cocktail recipes that can try at home.

· Invite friends to have a drink.

· Share fun memes among friends in social media platforms like Facebook.

Please tell us in the comment section, how happy you are by using our app.
Contact us on [email protected] or our Facebook page for any concern and let us know the new things you are looking forward from Sura.
In future updates we are planning to add more new interesting features. Stay tuned with us.

Have fun, but drink Responsibly!
- Greetings from Sura -

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