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About Raising Infinite Swords

Super-fast growth support as soon as you download
- Free Adventurer's Treasure Chest which contains diamonds and many resources
(After starting the game, touch the top-right ""Adventurer's Treasure Chest"" to receive it)

◎Game Introduction
Summon and merge swords to eliminate enemy waves!
Raise infinite swords and your adventurer to become stronger!

Exciting and cool real sword-merging, sword-throwing, and idle RPG!
Its charming adventure begins now.

◎Game Features
- Raising infinite swords
Put auto-produced swords onto the field, then drag them to same ones and merge them to make even stronger swords. Raise infinite swords through endless producing, summoning, and merging to defeat the incoming enemies.

- Thrilling sword-throwing action just to watch
Strong swords made by summoning and merging fly from the adventurer's portal towards enemies at a high speed. Say prayers to enemies who melt away without resistance.

- Diverse ways to raise your hero
Make your adventurer stronger by enhancing equipment, restoring magic book pages, and leveling up national treasure.

- Unique costume
Collect about 50 kinds of different costumes full of personality. Additional growth can be achieved by evolving them.

- Various dungeons to challenge and resources to earn
Conquer the Red Mines, Arena of Blood, Forgotten Ruins, Dragon's Lair, and Underground Dungeon to earn resources and raise your swords and adventurer.

- Gain access to extra benefits with the adventurer level system
Increase your adventurer level by returning home, and open up new bonuses to enjoy in your adventure.

- An idle RPG that anyone can enjoy
Let's enjoy an idle RPG with easy control, cute hitting effect, and endless growth.

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