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About Repton 3

Repton 3 takes the popular Repton 1 idea of level-by-level play, adds most of the extra Repton 2 characters, and brings in time capsules, fungus and crowns. The time capsules allow for some cunning time-based puzzles, while the fungus is also a time-related feature – it's often wise to block it in before it spreads wild.

The game includes some easy levels as well as more challenging ones, so it’s ideal for everyone from children to seasoned puzzlers!

Here are some of the comments about Android Repton 3 from the the Google Play Store 5-star reviews: "Excellent game" / "Another Superior hit!" / "THANK YOU THANK YOU X You guys are amazing ... The minute I got my email saying it was out I felt like a child in a candy store lol I ran to the play store and got it so once again thank you." / "An absolute ton of content, new and old, will keep me going for years!" / "5 Stars. Perfect"

You can choose to play each level using:
* timed or untimed gameplay
* classic or modern graphics
* themed or standard mode

In-app purchasing via the in-game store offers many extra levels to Repton 3 fans:
* Mega Bundle: a value pack containing all of the Repton 3 levels at a discounted price.
* Repton Symphony: five scenarios comprising the well-known Prelude, Toccata and Finale scenarios plus Overture and Encore.
* Around The World: America, Arctic, Orient, Oceans and Africa.
* The Life of Repton: Baby, School, Teens, Work and Senior.
* Repton Thru Time: Prehistoric, Egyptian, Victorian, Now and Future.
* Repton’s Adventures: Greek (Mythology), Roman, Arabian (Nights), Medieval and Aztec.
* Nova and Rainbow: two remarkable, atmospheric scenarios.
* Reptology: five scenarios containing skilfully worked classics and four new designs.

Repton began as a BBC Micro game by a talented 16-year-old called Tim Tyler. This was followed by several sequels, and our award-winning Repton range has achieved collective sales of over 125,000 across computer systems including the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Windows PC!

Can you complete all of Repton 3?

loved the game as a kid and as an adult i still love it, the port to android is spot on.
Lance Bookatz
Fabulous rewrite of the original that I enjoyed many years ago on the BBC Micro.... My only gripe, needs a save/resume function...UPDATE: one year on, desperately needs a save game function...
Stewart Rowbotham
This game just made my day! Memories of the 80s come flooding back :-)
Richard Ikin