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App works with Sh..o E-Bike motors via Bluetooth.
- Get E-bike information (total distance, battery health and etc)
- Change assist settings
- Change gearing type (mechanical, electrical) and chainrings size
- Presets for quick setups of your bike
- Other features depending on bike's firmware

Great app, extremely user friendly and intuitive. I find the sandard Shimano app is very slow to connect and very limited in terms of adjustments. This app gives much more flexibility in tweaking the setting...
Gary Armstrong
Works with E5000. Changed to US and got 32km/h, but note that for 42km/h you should change the circumference to 1300 and your speedo/odo won't be correct. Setting US is good enough for me.
Iliya Kolev
Fantastic app, great value for money
Brad Marriott