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About Studyo Math: fractions, equations, geometry & code

💫 Visualise, practice and learn fundamental concepts of Arithmetics, Fractions, Equations, Geometry and Coding.
⭐️ Fun and interactive games to develop an intuitive understanding of Mathematics.
🌟 Master the fundamentals of maths needed for secondary school education.

Key features
‣ Gamified learning 🕹 • 9 Games • +70 Sections •  +500 Levels
‣ Get rewards 🎁 : Unlock a picture  🏞  of our fantasy world 🗺️ whenever you complete a level.
‣ Interactive 🔩  and step-by-step learning to keep you motivated 🏄🏼.
‣ Highlights mistakes 🖍 for efficient independent learning.
‣ Customisation 🎛 : +70 Languages, dark/light modes 🌚/🌝, choose your colour 🟣/🔵.
‣ Free 💐 : No ads, No in-app purchases 🥳.
‣ 💯% offline.

Designed for
⦿ Children & teenagers 🧒👧 : Develop an intuitive understanding of mathematics.
⦾ Recreational learners👩‍💻👨‍💻 :  Visualise, practice and improve your maths.

The 9 games
⓵ Operations game :  Practice the four vertical operations ➕ ➖ ✖️ ➗ and get your mistakes highlighted.
⓶ Racing game : Improve your mental arithmetics by racing our AI  🏎 .
⓷ Line game : Visualise numbers, fractions, additions and subtractions on a number line 📏 .
⓸ Matchup game : Beat the clock to match numbers in their different forms 2 + 4 = 6 = 12/2 = ⚅ .
⓹ Graphic fractions : Visualise fractions with our interactive fractions generator ⌗ .
⓺ Algebraic fractions :  Practice prime decomposition,  fraction simplification and addition with simple gestures ½ < ⅗ .
⓻ Geometry game : Visualise coordinates 🎯,  perimeters and areas 📐
⓼ Equation game : Develop and practice strategies to solve equations 🔐 .
⓽ Coding game :  Use basic instructions ◀️ 🔼 🔽 ▶️ 🔂  to make a burger 🍔 or a pizza 🍕, to deliver food with a drone 🚁, or to generate some nice algorithmic arts ❄️.

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I really love the app, fun nd easy to use nd great for all ages.
A great game that is educational, easy to play and fun!
3dgraphic mano
Bingung cara mainnya, ga ada panduannya. Tulisannya tipis dan nyaru dengan background, tampilannya sudah menarik, saya kasih bintang 5 karena mengedukasi dan lucu. Ditunggu perbaikannya
Rinto Sihaloho
I like rhis app it helps the stimulation of you dorman braicells and help you on your daily real life routine you might not notice it but it does . This app make Mathematics a passion not boredom. Give it a ...
Amazing content. A well organized and interactive app that allows me to practice equations and much more.
Granit Sadiku
I love this app. I am teaching geometry to my younger sibling and I found the perfect app for him to enhance and practice his skills. Great work 👍
Gurakuq Krasniqi