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About Camino Spanish

Learn Spanish through our unique immersion method. Use your brains natural ability to learn a language by being immersed in it, in a relaxed and self-paced setting.

Camino was designed specifically for teaching Spanish. The audio quality, content and lessons are the best available.


• Supports two modes of learning depending on your situation or preference

Active: Follow along with the dialog, drills and lessons by listening to the high-quality audio while enhancing your learning through visual reinforcement.

Passive: Fully designed to support the ability for you to listen to the immersive Spanish lessons while your eyes are focused on something else (working, exercising, driving, etc.)

• Includes optional grammar lessons and tests on all areas of the Spanish language. Study the subject, then take tests to confirm your understanding.

• Interactive flashcards: Study and practice key words, verbs and phrases that you learned in each lesson. Try out flashcard quizzes to see how you are doing.

• High-quality audio: Our Spanish audio is so clear and crisp that you’ll never have trouble understanding the Spanish and its proper pronunciation.

• Customize your experience: Camino allows you to control its behavior to your liking and ability. You can change such things as:
- The length of time provided to respond and answer to exercises
- The number of times exercises and drills are automatically repeated
- Turn on an optional speech prompt, notifying you when you should speak or answer what you just heard.

• Downloadable: Prefer to download the units and listen to them later without streaming the data? All the units are downloadable for offline use.

• Multiple themes: Three different app themes to accommodate your preferences. Prefer an entirely dark themed app? No problem.

• Includes full premium access to, giving you access to lessons, tests and exercises covering the entire Spanish language, from beginning to advanced.

Process (course) overview

1. Lay a Foundation
Start by becoming comfortable with listening and imitating authentic speech and pronunciation of words in Spanish. In this short, but important first step we help you get over any inhibitions about speaking Spanish out loud, and get you used to making the sounds that are necessary to speak this new language.

2. Begin the Journey
You are now ready to start learning Spanish through immersion. In the subsequent lessons you will follow John White, an American on his journey to live in a Latin American country. You will hear dialog that will expand your knowledge and understanding of Spanish, followed by lessons and drills to solidify what you have learned.

3. Follow the Path
Each subsequent lesson will continue to follow John on his journey, while adding to your knowledge and skill in speaking Spanish. By being immersed in real-life dialog and situations, you will become comfortable with hearing Spanish as it is spoken in the real world, not in a classroom. Along the way, you are provided with optional lessons and resources to expand your knowledge on specific language topics.

4. Immersion Takes Over
We all have a natural ability to learn a language just by being immersed in it. After all, this is how you learned your very first language as a child! The challenge with learning a new language as an adult is not with you, it’s with your environment. You need to hear it and speak it on a regular basis. Games, puzzles and fill-in-the-blanks won’t accomplish this for you. Immersion will, and this is what Camino will give you.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Camino Spanish?

Camino Spanish is a program designed to teach Spanish using a unique immersion method, allowing learners to be immersed in the language in a relaxed and self-paced setting.

What are the features of Camino Spanish?

Some features of Camino Spanish include two modes of learning (active and passive), optional grammar lessons and tests, interactive flashcards, high-quality audio with clear pronunciation, customizable learning experience, downloadable units for offline use, multiple app themes, and full premium access to

What is the process and course overview of Camino Spanish?

The process of Camino Spanish involves laying a foundation by becoming comfortable with listening and imitating authentic Spanish speech, beginning the journey of learning Spanish through immersion with dialog and lessons, following John White's journey while expanding knowledge and skill in speaking Spanish, and finally, allowing immersion to take over and learn the language naturally.

How does Camino Spanish support learning Spanish through immersion?

Camino Spanish supports learning through immersion by providing real-life dialog and situations, allowing learners to hear and speak Spanish on a regular basis, similar to how children learn their first language. It focuses on immersion rather than traditional language learning methods.

Are there any additional resources available with Camino Spanish?

Yes, Camino Spanish includes full premium access to, which provides lessons, tests, and exercises covering the entire Spanish language from beginner to advanced level.

Where can I find the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for Camino Spanish?

The Privacy Policy can be found at: and the Terms of Use can be found at:
I've been tempted to subscribe to these content for a while now, so I decided to pull the trigger and get this app too. Oh my god, I've tried every language app there is, and this is by far the best from wha...
I bought the premium and it's worth it! Looking for more updates soon.
Renzo pH Gaming
Im learning so much Its better than pimsleur, duolingo etc. Very easy to follow I like using the app to study and the online versión for testing.
La Reina Kiki
Fantastic content. IMO the lifetime deal is a great deal, you get what you pay for. Great interface, though it takes time to learn since you have access to so much content. The 'upper reaches' of Level 3 wil...
Andy Graham