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About STid Mobile ID

STid Mobile ID® is a mobile access control solution.

This app uses your smartphone’s Bluetooth® Smart technology as an alternative to keys and contactless access badges.

STid Mobile ID® offers user-friendly means of identification for easy access control:
- Badge Mode (touching the smartphone on the reader)
- Slide Mode (moving your hand close to the reader without getting your smartphone out)
- Tap Tap Mode (double-tapping your telephone in your pocket)
- Remote Mode (remotely controlling your access points)
- Hands-Free Mode (just walking towards the door)

The app is used to store and organize all your virtual access badges in a single virtual wallet.

The app is compatible with STid Architect® Blue readers only.
Use the SECard RFID and Bluetooth® programming kit to load your virtual SCBs into your app.

Use this app as soon as you have downloaded it, with the STid Mobile ID® badge (CSN virtual badge), which is included free of charge.

For more information on the STid Mobile ID®, please visit our website at

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