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About Statistics Study Lite

Statistics Study Lite

-- v3.19.3 January 28, 2021
(30 Statistics Functions / 42 Statistics Study Notes)

Statistics Lite provides basic descriptive statistics such as sum, sum of square, mean, sum of squared deviation, variance, standard deviation, median, mode, momentum, skewness, kurtosis, box-and-whisker plot, and frequency table,

It also provides various statistical tables such as z-table, t-table, Chi-square table and F-table.

Using this app you can find various critical values from z-distribution, t-distribution, Chi-square distribution and F-distribution. You can also compute probability from binomial distribution and Poisson distribution.

The following is the list this app provides:
Data Table
Box-and-Whiskers Plot
Line Plot, Stem-and-Leaf Plot, Frequency Table, and Histogram
Chi-Square Table
Finding Probability with Normal Distribution
Finding t Critical Values
Finding Chi-Square Critical Values
Finding Binomial Distribution and Probability
Finding Poisson Distribution and Probability
Finding Geometric Distribution and Probability
Scatter Plot

Confidence interval for the mean.
Test for a population mean
Test for two population means
Test for the difference of paired sample (paired t-test)
ANOVA (one-way)

Person Correlation Test
Regression Analysis (Linear, Exponential)

Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test
Chi-Square Independence Test
One Proportion Test

Randomness Test for the Sequence (with Monte Carlo Simulation)

Find Inverse Matrix
Solving Linear System of Equations

The following work can be done also:
1. Switch rows and columns
2. Random number generator with size, minimum and maximum
3. Random number generator from a normal distribution with size, mean, and standard deviation
provided by Statext LLC.
(New Jersey, USA)

Selected version history:
ver 1.3: Fix a bug handling comma as decimal separator; the bug was reported kindly by Carlos Abeal Pena from Spain.

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