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About IntroStat - Statistics Solver

IntroStat is a probability and statistics calculator. It is the perfect learning tool for an introductory statistics course. Use it to perform any of your statistics calculation needs. IntroStat also includes a statistics textbook complete with formulas, exercise problems, examples, and more.

• Enter & Save Datasets
• Generate Summary Statistics
• Calculate z-Scores
• Draw Boxplots & Histograms
• Visualize Key Concepts like The Empirical Formula
• Plot Discrete and Continuous Random Variables
• Perform Probability Calculations
• Conduct Hypothesis Testing
• Compute Confidence Intervals
• Lookup Critical Values of Distributions
• Perform Simple Regression Analysis
• ANOVA, Chi-Square, & F-Tests
• Introductory Statistics Textbook

Upgrade as a Premium User to unlock:
• Dark Mode • 12 Color Themes • Zoom • Custom Decimal Precision • Comma Display • No Ads

Have any questions? Please reach out to us via email at [email protected].

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Privacy Policy:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is IntroStat?

IntroStat is a probability and statistics calculator and learning tool for introductory statistics courses.

What features are available for free in IntroStat?

The free version of IntroStat includes features such as entering and saving datasets, generating summary statistics, calculating z-scores, drawing boxplots and histograms, visualizing key concepts, plotting random variables, performing probability calculations, conducting hypothesis testing, computing confidence intervals, looking up critical values of distributions, and performing simple regression analysis.

What additional features can be unlocked by upgrading to Premium User?

Upgrading to a Premium User unlocks features like Dark Mode, 12 Color Themes, Zoom, Custom Decimal Precision, Comma Display, and an Ad-free experience.

How can I contact IntroStat for questions or support?

You can reach out to IntroStat via email at [email protected].

Where can I find the End User Licensing Agreement for IntroStat?

The End User Licensing Agreement for IntroStat can be found at

What is the Privacy Policy for IntroStat?

The Privacy Policy for IntroStat can be found at
Great job bro ♥️
ziad w abo zad
A useful app for beginners. The built-in stat calculator is very convenient.
Jialin Zhang
This is a great app for learning statistics. I strongly recommend the app for any other intro stats students.
Liz C