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About Aviaze

If you are a pilot, you are in training or you just like to fly and surf the clouds with your own aircraft Fly Fun, Fly Safe and download AVIAZE!

AVIAZE is the social network for light aircraft pilots. Use AVIAZE to log your flights and navigate and post your flights in your timeline. A General Aviation platform where you can share your flights, thoughts, pictures and come together with a community of passionate aviators like you.

More than just an air navigation tool with airspace information, airports, runways and waypoints, AVIAZE turns your smartphone into a flight tracker and a connected Flight Data Recorder to monitor, log and broadcast in real time all flight parameters along your flight route.

AVIAZE gathers information from all your device’s sensors to plot all flight parameters. Just like an airliner performance tool, monitor Altitude, Ground Speed, G forces and RPMs estimations to analyze all inflight events. Monitor the accuracy of your approaches, the softness of your landings, the perfection in the maneuvers you execute, debrief your flights and make every flight hour count to improve your skills.


- Navigation moving map and airspace information
- Share a link with friends and family to follow your flight in real time
- Logbook with automatic block, flight and engine start/stop times detection plus full tracking
- Detects take off and landings automatically
- Performance graphs (Altitude, Speed, Engine RPMs estimation and Gs)
- Flight Data Recorder
- Option to post flights in the timeline and share them with followers
- Follow and meet other pilots, like and comment on their flights or post
- Get points on every flight and position yourself as a high ranked pilot
- Beat challenges and earn badges


Any aviation lover, but especially focused on General Aviation, ULMs, gliders, paramotors, paragliders and UFOs pilots.

A worried flight instructor? a cocky group of friends? a concerned mommy? Let them know where you are at any time. AVIAZE allows you to share your flight in real time via Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... How does it work? Easy! Start a flight, click on “share” and send them the link that will open the AVIAZE map on their smartphone browser to follow your air navigation wherever you go.


Much more is coming, so make sure you invite your pilot friends to share with them flights, adventures, knowledge or anything aircraft related in this expanding community of general aviation pilots.

Every flight is a mission, every pilot has a goal. Safety is always first but, we believe that flying has to be fun as well. In every flight you will earn points that will allow you to go to the next level and face new challenges. To start with, beat the 6 first challenges while improving your flying skills, share it with AVIAZE community, get likes and new challenges will come.

Ready to have a good time? Welcome to the club!


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