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About ResUS

Taking care of the sickest patients? Use resuscitation POCUS to help. Developed by experts at the University of Maryland, find hemodynamic calculators and high-quality educational content (cardiac, vascular, visceral ultrasound) in one place at resUSpocus.

Understand what cool hemodynamic measurements can be taken and learn how to obtain them.

Practice ultrasound and take measurements while using the app to optimize images and measurements. The educational content will allow successful and accurate qualitative and quantitative assessments.

Use the calculators to get the cardiac output, stroke volume, systemic vascular resistance, inferior vena cava respiratory variation, and other metrics. The educational content can be accessed from the calculator so that the learning continues.

Now use that data to make more informed decisions about the fluid, vasopressors, and inotropic agents. You have all that you need to do a comprehensive resuscitation ultrasound to help manage complex shock.

Our team is made up of surgeons, intensivitis, nephrologists, and emergency medicine physicians with expertise in ultrasound from the University of Maryland Medical School and the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. We are dedicated to developing the next level of POCUS. resUSpocus will be updated with new cutting edge content as it develops.

Best app for using US guided hemodinamic monitoring during wards
Cristian Oancea
Great ultrasound resuscitation app
William Teeter