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About ShockWiz

ShockWiz is a tuning assistant for air-sprung mountain bike forks and rear shocks. It combines sensor hardware and this app to improve suspension set-up for all terrain and riding styles. ShockWiz is compatible with most air-sprung suspension forks and rear shocks, from many different manufacturers.

Why ShockWiz? Many mountain bike riders don't understand what their suspension adjustments do, or how to tune their suspension for best performance. ShockWiz's finely-tuned algorithms automatically determine what settings should give you the best ride possible.

ShockWiz is designed for all mountain bike riders, regardless of your riding style or how much suspension travel your bike has. It works on hardtails and dual suspension bikes.

- Finely tuned algorithms deliver easy to use recommendations
- Tune for your riding style: Cross-country, Trail, All Mountain or Downhill
- Detect undesirable characteristics such as pogo, pack-down and bob
- Assess shock health — how well your suspension is set up for you
- Calculate air time
- Recommendations are displayed on the intuitive app

Great app. Intuitive interface. However there is at least one problem found - it is not saving statistics in profiles. Instead just show current one. App v.9.2.1 on Android v.11.
Ilya Zolotko
The wizard worked well. Able to quickly get my bike set up.
Rod Stazicker
Great device and great app. Simple to set up and well thought out. It would be great to be able to export profiles (in case i switch phones, etc.) and it would also be great to actually see graphical data fr...
Shane Mitchell