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About Sporfie - Live, Highlights & Replay

Add one or more smartphone cameras and everyone at the game can save highlights just after they happen, replay and share them instantly. Using just a smartphone, you can live stream your game allowing family and friends to join and watch live. Email us at [email protected] to activate your account for live streaming Free until 2021.

With just the press of a button, Sporfie captures the moment you want to keep AFTER you’ve seen it happen, being at the game or away watching it live.

With just one smartphone camera filming the action, anyone who joins can enjoy the game without having to film and still save their own personal highlights instantly.

With additional cameras connected, one click sends multiple clips directly to your device, allowing you to replay the moments or watch the game live from all available angles.

How does it work?
1. JOIN: Open Sporfie and choose your event (via location or search) to connect automatically to any camera(s) already filming the game.

Don’t see an event? Create your own and set up your smartphone as a shared camera, allowing others nearby to join in.

2. CLICK: Tap the Sporfie button anytime during the game and the past 15 seconds will be sent to your device from all active cameras. Then replay, share and repeat!

3. SHARE: Instantly share your clips as they happen. With direct integration to leading social platforms, your saved moments can be enjoyed by your friends & family before the crowd stops cheering.

Or, share highlights from the entire event all at once. As you return home from the game, you will receive all of your saved moments in one highlight reel compiled by Sporfie.

Also available from Sporfie:
Want to capture hands-free? Using the Sporfie CLIPR button, you can now leave your smartphone in your pocket or bag and wirelessly capture the action in one click!

Enjoy the free highlights and contact us to upgrade your account multi-camera live streaming, cloud recording and even instant replay.

For more information or to discover more ways to use Sporfie, visit our website:

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What can I do with Sporfie?

With Sporfie, you can add smartphone cameras to save, replay, and share highlights instantly. You can also live stream your game and allow family and friends to watch.

How does Sporfie work?

To use Sporfie, you join an event and connect to any cameras already filming the game. You can also create your own event and set up your smartphone as a shared camera. During the game, you can tap the Sporfie button to save the past 15 seconds from all active cameras. You can then replay, share, and repeat the clips.

Can I replay the game from different angles?

Yes, if additional cameras are connected, you can send multiple clips directly to your device and replay the game from different angles.

Can I share my saved moments on social media?

Yes, you can instantly share your clips as they happen. Sporfie has direct integration with leading social platforms.

Is there a hands-free option for capturing the game?

Yes, you can use the Sporfie CLIPR button to wirelessly capture the action without having to hold your smartphone.

How can I upgrade my Sporfie account?

Contact us to upgrade your account for multi-camera live streaming, cloud recording, and instant replay options.
So easy to use! Super convenient, doesn't use up my battery from having my phone on standby waiting for that action shot all game!
Melissa Sanders
Worked great for an event this weekend. Got my highlights and was able to share them.
dave moser