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About Speaker Box Lite

This app is designed for beginners and advanced fans of acoustic system building. The main feature is a calculation of the volume of the subwoofer box, according to his parameters Thiele-Small(FS, VAS, QTS). This is a list of features for box calculations:

-Support calculations for different enclosures such as closed, vented(bass-reflex, ported), 4th order bandpass, 6th order bandpass.

-Amplitude response, phase response, group delays, cone displacement and SPL charts for all enclosures.

-Different types of generation of a box parameters, such as optimum volume, max flat amplitude response, boom-box and many others.

-Generation of parameters for a vented box to achieve Bass response, just choose frequency on which you need a rise and value of rising, and program chooses box parameters by itself.

-Calculation parameters for rounded and rectangle ports.

-Calculation amount volume include port(s) and speaker(s) displacement.

-Calculation of parts to assemble your own box(only for a closed box at the moment).

By signing up to our service you can save your projects in a cloud and make it available on every your device, which has our application.

There is a shared on-line database of speakers(which contains about 4000 drivers), in which you can add your own speakers and edit existing one, and after it will review by a moderator it will be available to other users of Ā«Speaker Box LiteĀ».

!!!Don't forget to leave your reviews for loudspeakers, which you are used, specify box type and its parameters to help other users choosing speaker and box volume for its.

Leave comments and wishes on the development of the project.

Very helpful building your own box that produces much greater sound than the average box is very rewarding. Also when your 300 watt $85 sub sounds better than your buddies $1000 contraption priceless
Mike Boyd
Excellent app
Hector Contreras
Works well. Gives nice graphs, although they don't seem to be dynamic. Best option I've found for mobile.
Shawn Brennan