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About Animal AR 3D Safari Flash Cards

Animal AR 3d Safari Flash cards is lightweight app that allow you to scan printed animal cards and animals come alive in front of your eyes! Play with real animals right in your home using augmented reality. Have a lion on your palm or maybe you’d prefer a butterfly instead. You can scan multiple cards at once, why not make a zoo of all animals.

Animal AR Safari are no longer boring, it will brings wild animals into your world, through the magic of Augmented Reality. Experience ,watch and Interact with Prehistoric animals in this Extinct Animals AR from your living place itself. All animals featured in Animal AR Safari are based on real world animals and bring your favorite animals to your desk and watch them in different actions like Run, Walk, Attack, Swim, Eat and Many more.

How to Get Cards:
Get the complete set of the interactive and informative Animal AR Safari 40 Flash Cards with activation code from us( or download pdf and print all cards your self.
Animals AR Safari Cards :

How to Use:
if you own cards acquire the activation numbers inside the Animal AR 3d Safari flashcards box and Unlock all the animals by entering the activation number in app.
Note: One activation number is only applicable for 3 devices.
Examine Closeup View of animals with AR Library Mode.
scan this printed image from your Handheld device and it will come live and interactive in the 4D mode.
Feed animals by place relevant food card near animal card and scan both cards.

Animal AR 3D Safari gives you both interesting facts about all animals like shark, cow, rabbit, swan, fish, octopus, goat, deer, camel, butterfly, elephant, hippopotamus, lion, zebra, bear, fox, wolf, cheetah, frog, Hen, gorilla, ostrich, giraffe, dinosaur, tiger, buffalo, crocodile, pig, rhino, gazelle, hyena, horse & dog.

- More than two-dozen animals including shark, elephant, wolf etc.
- Learn with Fun in creative way.
- Multiple Scan in once.
- Augmented Reality app.
- Real-world animals with Realistic animation.
- Easy and intuitive controls.
- Control animals with UI buttons.
- Use our easy-to-print markers.
- 4D+ view animals with animation.
- Increase the ability to observe, memorize and understanding of animals.
- 3D sound for each animal.
- Movement of animals also available.
- Interactive view for animals.
- Play offline, no internet connection required.

Please don't forget to rate the Animal AR 3D Safari if you like it! Your favorite animals are waiting to see you. Download Animal AR 3D Safari and Experience.


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Animal AR 3D is one of the best game I played
Faizan Zaheer
Animal 3d amazing wonderfull app card model of game perfect working nic awsome and learn voice its amazing
Umair habib
wonderful 3d models of animal Perfect working. Good job Spartan Kids Team.
creative PRO
Beautiful game, have a amazing fun
Amir Khan
Animal AR 3d Safari Flash cards is lightweight app that allow you to scan printed animal cards and animals come alive in front of your eyes!
Alex Kami
The app regulation great and graphic very high quality.Its very exciting game.I like this game......
pijush Roy