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About SousVideUnlimited

With more than 2300 names for meat cuts, fish and vegetables in our app, each with several times and degrees for your required doneness, this app will probably cover the most of your needs for inspiration to your sous vide cooking.

The Sous Vide Unlimited APP currently supports english and danish texts and cuts, and we will add more languages in time.

It's simple to use:
Choose what type of food you want to cook, and the find the exact cur.
Select you required doneness and enter the thickness or weight, and then the APP will tell you how much time and what dregrees we will suggest you cook you meal at.

All our times and degrees have been validated by our human cooks, and are not just calculated by a machine.

As we enter new entries in the database the Sous Vide Unlimited APP automatically fetches those and we will continuously add new cuts to the APP.

Behind the Sous Vide Unlimited APP is a bunch of danish Sous Vide enthusiasts and cooks, we are proud to assist you in making your fine dining meal by the help of our APP.

We will love to read your feedback, and if you should encounter a bug in the APP of in the data we provide, we would we be more than happy to read about it and correct it.

We have a large roadmap for improvements for the app, just to mention a few:
* user notes – also shared between other SousVide Unlimited users
* recipes for special cooking, the perfect egg, puddings, sauces and so on.
* Time tracker
* Connection to you sous vide device

This app looks so much better than some I've found. Thank you.
Kenani Genre
Great App. I get confused why there is such a difference of cooking times when you enter in the thickness and then alternatively enter in the weight. For example, a bone in pork chop which was 1.25" thick sh...
Cammy Garcia
Great app, been using it a lot. Curious why chicken is assigned temps like rare, med rare, etc?
AJ Jensen