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About SoundPrint, Find Quiet Places Measure Sound Levels

Find quiet places. Measure sound levels. Protect your hearing.
SoundPrint offers users access to the largest and only public database of sound levels taken at 100K+ venues worldwide. The easy to use app is an essential tool to find quiet places to connect with others and to preserve and promote hearing health.

Users (with select Samsung smartphone models) can also use the SoundPrint app as a decibel meter to measure sound levels and submit them to SoundPrint's database. At this time, ONLY Samsung S8, S9, S10, and S20 Galaxy series smartphones have calibrated decibel meters (NOT Samsung Note tablets). More models to be added soon! All other Android users can submit subjective sound level ratings.

SoundPrint is a member of the World Health Organization (WHO)’s World Hearing Forum, a global network of stakeholders promoting ear and hearing health care worldwide.

Download SoundPrint and join the QUIET mission

+ Search for venues (restaurants, cafes, arenas, retailers and more) based on noise level (quiet, moderate, or noisy)
+ Rate and submit the noise level of a venue to SoundPrint’s public database (actual decibel meter available for select Samsung models)
Note: Need to add Quiet List recommendation and Noise Complaint submission - this is very important
+ Share recommended venues with friends

+Calibrated decibel meter for certain Samsung Android phones!
+Bug fixes

+Why are the decibel meters only available for select Android devices?
Microphones across numerous Android hardware devices vary in quality and accuracy making calibration difficult (whereas the iOS system has more accurate and consistent microphones and software standards).
+How can I contribute to the database if I do not have the decibel meter?
Users can submit a subjective rating based on their personal impression of their surrounding sound level at a venue.

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Great idea I always wanted to have something similar
Arno Rostamlou
I'm glad that this app is now available on Android devices. I'm looking forward to being able to record decibel levels. However, I do understand why they are holding off on that feature until they can get it...
Dustin Phillips
Five stars for the possibilities. Looking forward to more features, like full android support, calibration ability, and time of day for sound checks. Hoping you'll have a way to sniff out false reports of qu...
Edward Anderson
I have not yet used it to find places, but I have reviewed a few, and hope that many others will do the same.
Bryn Deamer
Such an amazing idea. It seems I'm always struggling to hear my wife when we go out to dinner or relax with a cup coffee because the room is full of people who seem to be screaming just to be heard. Not anym...
Dan Projansky
Good app, just have two requests. Will the android version be available soon? And could you add an option to add missing places?
Jay L.