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About Tuner & Metronome

🎹 Easy to use and innovative must have features are all included.

🎶 The most accurate chromatic tuner and professional hands-free metronome.
👍 Designed by musicians → superfast and simple!
🎼 [NEW] 4,000+ free sheet musics are provided.

Even one touch can:
• Start / stop the metronome
• Turn on tuner
• Toggle flash light-, vibration-, visual-mode metronome
• Record your playing
• Select rhythm patterns
• Use black screen battery-saving mode

★ Features
• Tuner with 2 modes: (1) chromatic tuner measuring sound pitch and intensity (2) pitch fork mode
• Customizable A4 frequency (440Hz by default)
• Able to record your playing with integrated one touch recorder
• Able to upload your own sheet music through our app. You can record and practice playing while watching uploaded or provided sheet musics.
• Metronome never lags beats: a real metronome shouldn't lag.

★ Flash light metronome mode
If the sound of the metronome is hard to hear due to the speaker volume limit or loud background noise, use flash light metronome mode. In this mode, you can easily feel the beats with flashes of light. Project the flashlight to the wall, then the entire wall can flash the beats.

★ Large and simple button
Start or stop the metronome with a big button whenever you want

★ More features
• Supports all instruments, such as active piano, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, cello, viola, bass, drum, flute, harmonica, etc.
• Supports all kind of transposed instruments, including B-flat clarinet, F horn, E-flat saxophone, D-flat piccolo, and many others.
• Scales practice
• Precise beats per minute (BPM) control
• BPM detector
• Practice time tracker
• High precision tuner
• Visual metronome mode using flash light of the camera
• Tuning fork, pitch pipe

★ About permissions
Android 6 or above: Access to microphone is for recorder and tuner, and access to storage is for recorder.
Below Android 6: Additionally, access to camera is required for flash light metronome, access to phone status is required to automatically stop the metronome when there is an incoming call.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the key features of the Tuner & Metronome app?

The app includes an accurate chromatic tuner, a professional hands-free metronome, and over 4,000 free sheet musics.

How can I use the metronome and tuner?

With just one touch, you can start or stop the metronome, turn on the tuner, toggle between different modes, record your playing, select rhythm patterns, and use battery-saving mode.

What are the different modes of the tuner?

The tuner has two modes - chromatic tuner, which measures sound pitch and intensity, and pitch fork mode.

Can I customize the A4 frequency of the tuner?

Yes, the A4 frequency is customizable, with the default frequency set at 440Hz.

Is it possible to record my playing with the app?

Yes, the app has an integrated one-touch recorder that allows you to record your playing.

Can I upload my own sheet music to the app?

Yes, you can upload your own sheet music through the app and practice playing while watching the uploaded or provided sheet music.

How does the flash light metronome mode work?

If the sound of the metronome is hard to hear, you can use the flash light metronome mode. This mode allows you to feel the beats with flashes of light. Just project the flashlight to the wall, and the entire wall will flash the beats.

Are there any other features of the app?

Yes, the app supports all instruments, transposed instruments, scales practice, precise BPM control, BPM detector, practice time tracking, high precision tuner, visual metronome mode using the camera flash, and tuning fork and pitch pipe functionalities.

What permissions are required for the app?

For Android 6 or above, the app requires access to the microphone for the recorder and tuner, and access to storage for the recorder. For versions below Android 6, access to the camera is also required for the flash light metronome, and access to phone status is required to automatically stop the metronome during an incoming call.
I love this app. You can record yourself while using the metronome!! It is so nice to have a metronome and tuner on the same app! This is a great app!!!
Sarah Grotberg
Easy to use, does everything I want it to.
James W
Riona Alysa sr
Great tuner and metronome
Michael B
This app is wow awesome for me. Thanks
Donnymigel04 Donny
Watkins Watkins