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About Sonder

Download Sonder to access the ultimate personal safety and wellbeing service. With Sonder, human help is at your fingertips, in any language, at any time of the day ☀️ or night 🌙.

Sonder has a nationwide network of professionally trained and highly qualified people able to provide expert advice and assistance to help with any problem, big or small.

Sonder features

🤝 Human help in an instant: Through our app, you’ll be connected to our highly qualified team who can offer you mental health first aid, medical triage, and general advice on a huge range of issues. You can access them via call or message.

Proactive safety advice: You’ll get notified in real time on a wide range of environmental, safety, and public health issues. We might just let you know of something nearby, or we might get in touch to make sure you’re safe.

👋 Help by your side in minutes: Where available, we can provide you with in-person help. This comes in the form of our on-the-ground support team who have experience in complex problem solving, mental health first aid, and high stress scenarios.

💬 Support Chat: If you’ve got questions, we have answers! Tap on any of the topics on the home screen to ask our friendly team about anything you’d like to know more about from personal health questions to the best ways to deal with stress.

🚗🚶‍♀️🚲 Track My Journey: If you’re concerned about travelling somewhere alone, you can share your location with Sonder and we’ll check that you get to your destination safely.

Check On Me: You might just want someone to give you a call to ensure you’re okay or you might be meeting a stranger and want the confidence that someone is looking out for you. With this feature, you can set an agreed time for Sonder to get in touch to ensure you’re okay.

How we help

If you’re feeling stressed, alone, and need someone to talk to, we’re here for you at all hours of day and night. You can call or chat with the team and we can talk you through your options - we will do whatever we can to get you the help you need.

If you are injured or ill, we can explain the options available to you, support you with medical triage, find you the nearest medical centre, book your appointment and assist with the medical admin that comes alongside.

If you are a victim of a crime or an online scam, we can find you the right support services and assist you with any associated admin, such as police reports or incident forms.

If you feel harassed, abused, or discriminated against, we can provide meaningful advice and connect you to the appropriate support service.

There is no problem too big or small. We are always here to help.

If you are entitled to access Sonder thanks to your employer, health cover provider, or education institution, please log in to the app using your registered email address.

New features

A new Sonder experience, the same on-demand support 📲
• Never miss a beat with the new notifications centre 🔔
• You can favourite your most visited places in 'Track my journey' ⭐
• Now you can choose a specific time, or how much time you need when using 'Check on me' ⌛
• Get help even quicker with the new 'Get urgent help' button 🔴
• You're getting 100% human help and a friendlier, smoother experience 👋

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Sonder?

Sonder is a personal safety and wellbeing service that provides access to human help in any language, at any time of the day or night.

What services does Sonder offer?

Sonder offers services such as mental health first aid, medical triage, general advice, proactive safety advice, in-person help, support chat, journey tracking, and check-ins.

How can I access Sonder's services?

You can access Sonder's services through their app. You can either call or message their highly qualified team for assistance.

How does Sonder ensure my safety?

Sonder provides real-time notifications on environmental, safety, and public health issues. They also have an on-the-ground support team to help in complex situations and high-stress scenarios.

Can Sonder help with personal health questions?

Yes, Sonder's support chat feature allows you to ask their friendly team about anything, including personal health questions and ways to deal with stress.

Can Sonder track my journey if I'm concerned about travelling alone?

Yes, Sonder has a "Track My Journey" feature where you can share your location, and they will ensure you reach your destination safely.

Can Sonder check on me if I need someone to ensure my safety?

Yes, with the "Check On Me" feature, you can set a time for Sonder to get in touch and ensure your well-being, especially if you're meeting a stranger or want someone to check on you.

How does Sonder help in case of injury or illness?

If you're injured or ill, Sonder can explain your options, support you with medical triage, find the nearest medical center, book appointments, and assist with medical administrative tasks.

Can Sonder provide support in case of a crime or online scam?

Yes, Sonder can connect you with the right support services and assist with tasks like filing police reports or incident forms if you're a victim of a crime or online scam.

Who can access Sonder's services?

Sonder's services are available to individuals who have access through their employer, health cover provider, or educational institution. They can log in to the app using their registered email address.

What are the new features of Sonder?

The new features of Sonder include a notifications center, the ability to favorite places in "Track My Journey," choosing a specific time or duration for the "Check On Me" feature, an "Get urgent help" button for quicker assistance, and a friendlier and smoother user experience.
It's about time something like this was made available for new Mum's & Dad's. Where was this 50 years ago when I needed assistance with my two children, a year & 10 days apart, I almost lost it on many occas...
Norma Wannell
I don't usually rate any apps. This app has been amazingly helpful for me. Sonder team has provided fast response and practical solutions to tricky situations! Keep up the good work.
arpit nama
Excellence! Fast response ever seen.
Thang Nguyen
I'm unable to login. the login button does nothing when I try to click it. it was working fine before the update in July.
Eternal Curse
very dedicated service. one time, I went wrong way, then they called me immediately to ensure I was OK! thanks
le anh
I don't usually rate apps. Sonder has been a good experience for me with their prompt response. Keep it up! I'd definitely love to see this app improve after each upgrade and prosper.