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About Solfegio: Ukulele Piano Guitar

🎓 Step-by-step classes for easy & fast learning;
🎹 Learn piano, guitar, ukulele, singing or even music theory;
📊 Skill levels range from first-timer & beginner to advanced;
🎧 100+ songs from popular artists like Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Dua • Lipa, Post Malone, Bebe Rexha, etc;
🤖 Customized classes with your favorite songs;
🐌 Slow down or speed up-tempo while you learn;
🧒 Kids friendly songs - suited for young learners; (with safe lyrics)
🤳 Record your own performance and share on social media;
🎙️ Know if you get it right with instant real time feedback;
🤗 Pick songs according to your mood;
🕹️ Collect points and increase your level - it's like a game;
🎯 Plan weekly schedule and stay on track with goals & reminders;
📅 Daily exercises and cheat sheets;
🎸 Built-in tuner for ukulele and guitar;
🦶 Practice instrument & songs gradually;
🤩 New song released weekly;

WATCH AND PLAY ALONG! includes helpful features to aid your progression:

• Chord visualization
• Professional sound quality
• Background band to play along with
• Mute to hear yourself playing
• Slowdown songs
• Song lyrics to sing along to
• Melody and notation

You don't need to know about music theory or notes, all you need is the desire to explore and discover. Just pick a song you like and get started. It's easy, it's fast and we make it work for you. is a trusted music app that helps you transform your passion for music into skills.

Used in 15K+ schools and by thousands of individuals - now on Android too! ⭐️


Get real feedback that will keep you on track and help you identify where your musical abilities need improvement.


• Download app
• Get started with a class for Guitar, Keyboard or Uke
• In your class use any song that you would love to learn
• Follow step-by-step guidance
• Try features like speed change and backing tracks


We believe that music brings passion to our lives and nurtures our minds, senses, and relationships. Having the possibility to experience these moments and reflect them in music, amplifies life, making living more meaningful.

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• Terms & Conditions:


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Fantastic app! Im going to learn piano with this
AR Madadi