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About Soko: Artisan App

The Soko app lets you be able to receive alerts about the orders you are working on. Each order has items that need to be produced, the payments made and the deliveries of the items you have made so far.
Keep track of the progress of the order as you works on them and plan production.

You can request for a loan through the application to facilitate finishing an order.
Timelines are drawn for the artisan to keep track especially when dealing with multiple orders.

The app keeps track of the progress of production and show sliders indicating the stage of each product ie in-production, delivered, validated, etc.
Get notified of any developments as soon as it happens this can be received payments, deliveries made, orders received.

At any point you can make queries and give feedback. This is then tagged and forwarded to the necessary department.

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The best app
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The app helps make my work easier and i am more efficient
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