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About Art of Logic

Enjoy these traditional logic puzzles also known as nonograms, griddlers, picross, Japanese crosswords or Hanjie. Solve multi-puzzles using the zooming function and a hint system. All of our puzzles are completely logical - no guessing required!


- Computer Tested Puzzles: All puzzles have a unique solution and are completely logical. No guessing needed!

- Over 600 puzzles and 90 pictures to discover! Great selection of 25 x 25 black and white puzzles.

- Free Introductory Puzzles! Puzzle packs available to buy when you need them.

- Thematic puzzle packs: Adds excitement and anticipation to solutions

- Detailed Artwork: Each puzzle is part of the picture. Solve multiple puzzles to reveal the final image.

- No Ads


- Tutorial: For beginners to learn how to solve puzzles and use controls

- Zooming Ability: allows for easier counting and touch-precision

- Counting guides: Great to use when zooming

- Hint system: In case you get stuck. Get a new hint for free when the timer resets, or buy them if you just can't wait.

- Choose your button placement: Because only you know where you want them.

- Optional “checkmark” and “x” buttons to mark your last move or highlight points of interest

- Unlimited Undo and Redo

- Auto-rotate support

- Auto-save and Auto-restore

- Auto-highlights completed rows and columns

- Auto-highlights errors that violate the logic clues

- Concurrent Solving: Move between puzzles and work on more than one at a time.

Master the logic. Emerge victorious. Experience beauty. Repeat.

Plays very nicely. Hints don't always help, but good to have in a pinch.
Lynda McClellan
Hours of fun.
Milos Vojnovic
Very nice
Elizabeth Polnicki